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Red Emma

by Macha Ovtchinnikova, fiction, 15 mn

Tiresias Films in coproduction with Groupe A (France)



Emma Goldman, a feminist anarchist, is called in the middle of the night to assist the delivery of a baby in a poor family, with many mouths to feed. She tries to alleviate the suffering of the woman in labour. Back home, she is confronted by her partner Ed, exhausted by her absences. Forced to choose between her love for him and her activism, she writes the influencial speech "The Tragedy of Female Emancipation" (1906).


Salomé Richard, Grégoire Tachnakian, Caroline Corme

Supported by

CNC, Pictanovo, DRAC, le département de La Somme, BipTV, Le Fresnoy, Alain de Rotschild Foundation and Ciclic

Broadcasted on

Bip TV


 by Willy Rollé, fiction, 25 mn, in French & creole français

Tiresias Films in coproduction with Aldabra Films (French Guyana)


On the verge of a break-up, Franz, who is Guyanese on his father's side, arrives from Stuttgart to find the Guyana of his childhood, his father and perhaps a new meaning to his life. On arrival, embarked on a wild carnival night, he embarks on an intimate epic in search of his identity.

Supported by

Territorial Collectivity of French Guiana

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